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J.K Rowling said that her inspiration for Hagrid came from when she was 19  in a pub in the west country and this terrifying looking guy came in with these other biker guys and the only thing he talked to J.K about was how his cabbages were getting on

ask children before you touch them



  • ask children before you hug them
  • ask children before you pick them up
  • if moving a child is unavoidable for their safety, at least warn them first and explain afterwards
  • this applies to disabled children
  • this applies to non- or pre-verbal children, since words are not the only kind of consent or language
  • treat a child as you wish people had treated you

children are people. they will remember you violating their boundaries for their whole lives and it will irreparably damage how they view their worth as people.

don’t teach your kids that they should unquestioningly accept touch no matter what. teach them they deserve respect.

this is a really on-point post. My youngest went through a phase of refusing to hug people and my parents were like, “she’s being rude” etc and i was like “buuut isn’t this actually a fantastic thing for a child esp for a little girl, to be able to tell people NO and assert her own boundaries even if it means risking disapproval??” like really it was awesome and im so proud of her. And really, you can have all the conversations about safety and abuse but the absolute best way to teach your kids about consent is to model it and show them with your own actions that their bodies are their own and NO ONE ELSE, including their family, are entitled to it.

kevin feige: believe me, i'd like for black panther and captain marvel to get movies, really i would
kevin feige: but what can i do
kevin feige: i'm just the marvel studios president of production
kevin feige: who else is excited for ant-man?
"It doesn’t come in black."

Homes finally fighting back


Homes finally fighting back


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Wheels of Soul, West Philadelphia



Wheels of Soul, West Philadelphia


Ritz hotel in Barcelona. Collectivized by the anarchists (CNT) and socialists (UGT) as soup kitchen during the Civil War.

1936-1937. The short summer of anarchy in Catalonia and Aragon.